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International Dance Acclaim 

International Dance Acclaim (IDA) is a developmental program for dance studios that applies the principle of artistic and technical progress through performance. The program complements all teaching methods, and accelerates students’ training through a series of choreographed exercises and dances specifically designed to improve technique, enhance performance quality, and increase stamina in addition to providing performance opportunities. The specially arranged and composed music is unique to this program and provides further training in musicality and artistry. Being assessed by an independent, experienced IDA judge is an integral part of the structure of the program – it provides a goal for the students to work towards and an outside, international standard to prove themselves against. IDA’s exercises and dances improve dancers’ skills and focus their drive, motivating them to strive for excellence. This in turn encourages a greater work ethic and increased self-confidence. The IDA Awards Performance & Medal Ceremony concludes with each dancer being rewarded with a golden medal to commend their Achievement through Performance. A certificate with either the dancer’s grade, if entered for an evaluation, or encouraging comments, if entered for an assessment, is mailed to the studio afterward.


Save the Date:
March 18, 2023

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