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Our Curriculum

The Academy classes are divided into five divisions (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Pre-senior, Senior, and Adult) and 16 levels, to ensure proper placement for each student based on their physical and mental development. Students will be placed by the director in the appropriate level. Usually, students progress to the next level in the Fall, staying in that level throughout the entire school year.


We have a trio of very special classes for our very youngest students. “Dance with Me” (for ages 2 to 3 years) is for our students who are not quite ready for a class without the comfort of having mommy, daddy, auntie or nanny, etc. holding their tiny hands while sharing in the joy of movement. “Little Princess/Prince Ballet” introduces fun movements that guide developing bodies towards greater dexterity and coordination with a structured class routine. Pearl and Ruby levels are a preparation for classical ballet which introduces basic technique as well as creative movement.


The levels in the Junior Division use a combination of structure and creative expression to develop strength, proper posture, flexibility and coordination, as well as a foundation of dance vocabulary and proper body placement. Each level becomes more complex in its combination of steps and changes in rhythm and direction.


The Intermediate, Pre-senior, and Senior levels impart the fundamentals of ballet with both barre and center work. This becomes, for the student, both a physical and mental challenge as the emphasis on strengthening technique and more advanced combination of steps, musicality and skills are introduced at each level.


Our Adult Division is designed especially for the older student who is new to the art of classical ballet, an avid “dance for life” or is refreshing a past knowledge with Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced levels.


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